Product Warranty

First Champion Technology Limited (FIRST CHAMPION) warrants First Champion Products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period below from the date of purchase. Customers accept the warranty terms when you purchasing and enjoy the Warranty service of FIRST CHAMPION.

(The terms of warranty may be subject to change from time to time. In case of any inconsistency and conflict between the terms hereof and the Terms listed in First Champion website, the Terms listed in First Champion website shall prevail.)

1. Warranty Terms and Conditions
2. Steps of Repair / Replacement of the PRODUCT
3. Limited Liability


3. Limited Liability

1. Please back up your files, data and photos periodically. First Champion Technology Limited is not liable for any claim arousing from damage of First Champion storage devices such as Flash Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, etc. which has resulted in loss of data..
2. Our Company is only responsible for First Champion products repair and quality checking. We do not offer files rescue or back-up services and are not responsible for these. We are not liable for any data loss during delivering process of First Champion products for Quality Check..
3.  First Champion products must be used under normal working conditions along with other equipment / devices that comply with the industrial safety standards. We do not bear any responsibility for warranty or claims if First Champion products have been used with other equipment / devices that do not comply with the industrial safety standards.

Also, we are not liable for any claims arising from any indirect and subsequent corresponding damage caused by the above mentioned or loss in profit, commercial investment or reputation or any result caused by data loss. We are not liable for any claims of mal function or damages of other manufacturers equipment / devices which have been used along with First Champion products. 3d)Bound by relevant law regulations, this term is not applicable for any illegal or non-executiable situations.

4.  Our Company is not liable for any claim from any necessary, indirect or corresponding loss that is caused by First Champion products quality issues for the buyer or any third party, such as loss in profit, investment and reputation or any obstruction in relationship between enterprises and so forth..
5.  Our Company is not liable for any claims from other manufacturers devices mal function or damage after being used along with First Champion products..
6.  All First Champion products are consumables only. Please do not use them with other equipment or devices that help to sustain life..
7.  If customers choose to send back First Champion products by local mail or express couriers, we do not take any responsibility for any issues caused by loss in parcels delivery or mishandling during the mailing process..
8.  To safeguard the interests of customers and the security of data saved in First Champion storage devices, our company adopts very strict measures to govern all QC and Services Centre’s associates in treating all data in our storage devices strictly private and confidential and we cannot disclose any information to any third party..
9.  Our Company is not responsible for any loss or disclosure of data which is caused by or during delivery of First Champion product to any third party (such as manufacturer)..
10.  To safeguard personal interests, our Company highly recommends that before sending back First Champion storage devices to First Champion Service Centre for QC, users should delete all / sensitive information which have been saved in First Champion storage devices..


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